Welcome to OC Bike Garage - Where Your Cycling Dreams Take Flight!

Hey there, fellow riders! We're excited to introduce you to OC Bike Garage, the heartbeat of Orange County's cycling community. Picture this: a haven where every creak and whir of your bike is treated like a symphony, and where we live and breathe the two-wheeled way of life.

Born out of a passion for pedaling, OC Bike Garage is not your run-of-the-mill bike shop. We're pioneers, the ones who dared to specialize in the art of bike service and repair like nobody else in the game. When you step into our world, you're stepping into a cycling oasis like no other.

Our Mission: Riding Safe, Riding Strong

Our mission is clear: we're here to school you in the ways of bike safety, repair, and service. We want to see you rolling down the streets with that wind-in-your-hair freedom, knowing your trusty steed is as reliable as your morning coffee. We're on a mission to transform your bike into a trusted companion, a reliable mode of transport that'll have you grinning from ear to ear.

Pushing Boundaries, Raising Handlebars

We're not just here to meet your needs; we're here to blow your mind. Our range of services is off the charts, from full-throttle professional repairs for any bike – yup, that includes those rad e-bikes too – to a treasure trove of specialized parts that'll make your heart race faster than a downhill descent.

And get this – we've got self-service workstations that are basically your bike's dream playground. Complete with tools that would make a mechanic jealous and an air compressor that's got your tires' back, these stations are where you become one with your ride. And if you're into learning the ropes, our workshops and "How-To" classes are the secret sauce to turning you into a bona fide bike guru.

Pedal-Powered Fun and Frolic

But wait, there's more! Our garage isn't just a repair shop – it's a hangout for you and your bike. Kick back, grab some supplies, hydrate like a pro, and swap stories with fellow cyclists who are as fanatical about two wheels as you are. This is the spot where biking dreams are built and where you'll leave with a heart full of cycling camaraderie.

Our Services - Because Bikes Rule:

At OCBG, we live and breathe bikes, and our services reflect that passion:

🚴‍♂️ Masterful Bicycle Repairs: From classic roadsters to cutting-edge e-bikes, we pamper every pedal. Our shelves are stocked with premier components for crafting your two-wheeled masterpiece.

🛠️ DIY Havens: Our DIY workstations are like playgrounds for bike enthusiasts. Tinker, tweak, and tune-up – your bike might just break into a gleeful "Whee!" of its own.

🚵‍♀️ Pedal Prodigy Workshops: Elevate your riding game with our Park Tool certified workshops and classes. Transform into a cycling pro with insights from the best in the business.

🚴‍♂️ Bike Butler Service: Why lift a finger when you can have your bike whisked to our workshop and back? Our bike pick-up and delivery service ensures your ride sings with joy.

⏱️ Need for Speed: Patience not your strong suit? Our lightning-fast turnaround times cater to your pedal-powered urgency.

🔄 Bike Swap Shenanigans: Buy and sell pre-loved bikes like a bonafide cycling maverick. Your next great adventure might just be a deal away.

🔮 Mobile Bike Wizardry: Experience the enchantment of our on-the-go repair service. Wherever you are, we'll sprinkle some bike magic.

🛠️ Tailored Dreams on Wheels: Our custom builds and wheels are crafted with pure love. We turn your biking dreams into a spinning, pavement-pounding reality.

So, gear up, ride over, and let's make your bike fantasies come true. OC Bike Garage: Where Your Ride Gets the Love It Deserves!

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